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About the Owner

Joci James has a treasure chest of wisdom to help you discover the best of you. She was in the skin care business for over 25 years before becoming a Life Strengths Detective.

While helping women to enhance their image and feel more beautiful, she realized that beauty is an inside-out job. Desiring this two-way street for herself and other women, Joci started on the road to discover the path that would take her to that destination. She began to realize this vision after many years of study and leading women to discover their own greatness. What she found was that we all are born with unique talents, treasures, and strengths. An assessment revealing these strengths is our ticket to greatness and discovering the best of you.

At the core of Joci's membership and courses you will find "Discovering the Best of You," a treasure hunt designed for folks to discover their inborn gifts, treasures and talents, to uncover your signature strengths discovering your team of helpers that will assist you in activating your deepest dreams to become a reality. She addresses retirement, aging, health & wellness so you can BE THE BEST OF YOU at any age.

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About This Site

Welcome to The Best of YOU Gold Membership.  The Ultimate Wisdom for Discovering The Best Of YOU!

Joci is an Octogenarian and as you can see from the video above she is still younger and wiser with age.  In this membership, Joci will share with you all that she has discovered though out her life on what it takes to age with ease.  You will get special discounts for any of her upcoming workshops, retreats, and on-line courses and webinars.  Here is a list of your treasure chest full of bounty: 

  1. 21 Tips to Discovering Your Best Choices (22 days to making your best choices free)
  2. 4 D's Mini Course (Introduction to the full course 4 D's to Discovering the Best of YOU)
  3. Yoga For Feeling Younger 
  4. Twice Monthly Group Mentoring with Joci James and her Guest Speakers to help you Discover the Best of YOU!  
  5. Be a part of The Best of You Facebook Group 
  6. And so much more...The Wisdom Continues...

This membership starts you with a FREE 22 day trial then $9.97 per month thereafter. Cancel anytime.

Your Membership with Joci James will take you into 5 treasures of life:

What will you discover?

  • Discovering your inner strengths are your unique talents and gifts giving you the freedom to choose the treasures of your heart.
  •  Discovering the wellness within YOU is the joy of having a relaxed body with serenity within and without while feeling younger with age.
  •  Wisdom is realizing that you already have the treasure to creating your best life now!

  •  Legacy is to instill love in every moment as you live your life moving forward leaving no regrets.

  •  Retirement is the freedom to Choose a new lifestyle... Let the adventure begin! 

Your Life Strengths Detective...  

Joci has designed a course through her “Discovering the Best of You,” series. Joci has been able to assist folks in discovering their innate talents, treasures and strengths and enabling them to reach their destination with the satisfaction of knowing their GREATNESS!

Joci is a lifelong learner and is excited about all the new things to learn, see and do. She believes that what she is learning she teaches best and she has had as of this day celebrated her 88th birthday.  This is experience and wisdom at it's finest!!!  She does yoga, walks in the park and exercises on her bike every day, Her top signature strength is WOO; Winning Others Over. 

Your experience with Joci James will be one of your greatest discoveries in helping you discover the best of YOU!

This membership starts you with a FREE 22 day trial then $9.97 per month thereafter. Cancel anytime.


SECTION 1: The Best of You Group Coaching

Lesson 1:

Welcome to The Best of You Group Coaching

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